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Period Room

The Historic Period Room

Woodfin Ballenger and his wife, Elizabeth, opened their home and welcomed returning WWII soldiers with a place to stay while searching for a home of their own.  Our Period Room is a representation of what a room might have looked like at the time. The room is also used as a bridal changing room for weddings. The room was recreated by Cindy Blair, a SWC Member.
For Cindy Blair's antique bed donation, we obtained a new special-sized full mattress and box spring which was donated by a local mattress company who wishes to remain anonymous.
The blue chair is an authentic 1945 period piece donated by local resident Katherine Smith as are the antique Christmas tree ornaments we display at Christmas.
The rocker is an authentic 1945 period piece donated by Brenda Barton, SWC/Pilot Club Member.
We have a fainting sofa donated by Becky Trax as well as a Sewng machine cabinet on loan from Becky.
We thank these donors and are grateful for the work and their donations. 
We are still looking for a donation of a WWII army uniform to display.
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