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Historic Ballenger House

     The house was built by Grady Woodfin and Eleanor Ballenger in circa 1925.   The house remained in the family until 1979 when son, Woodfin (Monk) Ballenger donated the home to newly created Seneca Woman's Club (SWC) to ensure a place was available for local women's clubs to meet.   

     The Historic Ballenger House (HBH) was partially renovated in 1979 and entirely redecorated in 2004 for the 25th anniversary of the SWC.  In 2019, a bedroom upstairs was made into a conference room for 10-12 and the main floor Magnolia room has tables set up for up to 48 people.  Both rooms have Audio Visual equipment and internet access which is included in the price for each rental of the HBH.

     The SWC is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit and depends on membership dues (all volunteers), rentals, and fundraisers to maintain the home and to have community events such as Spooky Tales, Easter Egg Hunt, and providing college scholarships to students.  As we slowly get back to pre-virus conditions, the house is used by five clubs for monthly meetings Tuesdays and Thursdays leaving the home available for rentals the rest of the time.

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“To foster and encourage the educational, literary, cultural, historical, and civic growth of the Seneca area.”


The Seneca Woman's Club raises funds to maintain the Historic Ballenger House and to support events for children.

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